Best American SUV cars

American SUV cars are one of the most popular car types that produced in America and become an icon of this country. America has a lot of brand for SUV car. However, this this vehicle is also very popular in all around the world especially for someone who love doing some trip and traveling. Every SUV car has a different specification for each type, which means it depends on the company whom designed it. There are 4 brands of SUV cars from America that success to be the top ranked SUV 2015 which are Acura, Audi, Jeep, Chevrolet, Ford and Cadillac.

Top 4 of American SUV cars The first SUV cars that are quite popular in American is Acura MDX which is quite successful and become  the number one SUV due to its feature. The main specification of this car is it has powerful Engine which is 3.7L VTEC V6 OHC that provides us with premium unleaded fuel usage.

The second SUV is Audi Q5 which offers unique design with aerodynamics features to give better stability while driving. Finally in position 3 and 4, there are Ford Edge and Cadillac Escalade. All of them have a powerful engine and a lot of feature such as better navigation system and interior design which makes them worthy to become one of the best American SUV cars.

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