BMW SUV Cars with Stylish Look and Great Features

BMW is known as one of the best car developer all around the world that also developing many different BMW SUV cars. one of the best SUV cars that offer stylish looking design and provide numerous great features in these recent years are the all-new BMW X5.

This car is a stylized SUV car that provides 3 rows of seat for the driver and the passenger which allow for additional passenger and this article we will describe some of the best feature this SUV have. So without further ado, here are some features this car owned and why it makes it a worthy SUV.

X5 BMW SUV cars features

One of the features provided by X5 is its powerful engine train which is using six cylinder turbo charged engine that offer a powerful output and efficient fuel usage. Additionally, the new BMW X5 also using the best material for its making that resulted in luxurious looking car and comfortable interior design.

The interior design of this car provides a luxurious and comfortable leather seat material and numerous tech features in the cockpit such as navigation system and sensors for easier driving. Finally, BMW SUV cars are priced for $52.000 to $65.000 averagely on the global market which makes it one of the above averages priced cars by BMW.

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