Everything you need to know about Ford Escape MPG

Are you looking for a car that can take you anywhere you want to go? If you want to have this kind of car, then you should not look further than the new Ford Escape. This car from Ford has been among the most looked for models for those people who often go from city road to bumpy village road.

If you want to know more about this car, such as the Ford Escape MPG and how much the vehicle cost, we will talk about this particular car in this article so that you can choose whether to buy or not to buy this vehicle. However, I will tell you that there will be no regret in choosing this vehicle for your need.

The Miles per gallon 

The estimated Ford Escape MPG for the city road is about 22 while if you use it on highway, the MPG will be at 31. What do these numbers mean to you? Well, this means that this car can go up to 22 miles when you use it in a city road, where you have to stop and continue your journey often. In addition, it will only cost you one gallon of gas to reach 33 miles on the highway. The number is bigger because in highway, you are rarely stop and continue your journey, and this will be very good for the gasoline consumption.

Park your car safely 

Do you often experience some trouble when parking? With the new 4inches LCD that is connected to rear view camera, you will have no more trouble because this rear view camera, along with the LCD monitor installed on your dashboard, will be able to help you out when parking. So, I hope that the information about Ford Escape MPG and many other things about this car will help you a lot in deciding whether to buy or not to buy.

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