The most popular SUV cars

In the upcoming of the year of 2019 there are many SUV cars that provide exciting new feature and design. Every company that is producing SUV is competing against each other to be the number one developer by installing many high technology and modern feature into their product. In this article we will try to describe some of the best SUV cars for the year of 2019 due to its price and specification, so stay tune and read further to know more about it.

The most affordable SUV cars 2019

There are many SUV cars in 2019 that are very famous. But most people look for the affordable one. So here are 3 SUV cars in 2015 that become the most affordable SUV cars. Firstly in the first position there is 2019 Nissan Murano. You can drive this vehicle with only $31,000 until $45,000 for each type. It has a powerful engine and luxurious interior design and also sporty body. Then second place is Hyundai Santa Fe.

You can own this vehicle by paid $25,000 until $41,000. It has so many high technology and modern feature inside. Finally, in the third rank Toyota Highlander 2019 success to raise this position. This new version has many differences with the previous. This vehicle looks sporty than before. This series will be sold from $31,000 until $48,000, which makes this SUV as one of best SUV cars 2019.

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